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A comparison of the depressive mood and anxiety of hemifacial spasm patients before and after microvascular decompression: psychiatric questionnaire survey

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Influence of microvascular decompression on social anxiety and other psychiatric co-morbidities in hemifaical spasm patients

Young Goo Kim, Na Young Jung, Minsoo Kim, Won Seok Chang, Hyun Ho Jung, Jin Woo Chang.

Division of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Yonsei University College of Medicine.


 Hemifacial Spasm
•characterized by intermittent, involuntary tonic and clonic contraction
•compression of the facial nerver in its root exit zone by an aberrant loop of vessel
•more frequently affects middle-aged elderly women
•be more common in some Asian population
•MVD: treatment of choice
 Social anxiety disorder
•called Social Phobia
•be defined as the fear of being ahamed or humiliated in various social setting
•also develop social anxiety related to various disfiguring or disabling physical conditions    (ex: essential tremor, spasmodic torticollis, strabimus and hemifacial spasm)
 Aim of the present study
•investigate a possible association between an effect of  MVD and social anxiety symptom and other psychiatic co-morbidities in HFS patients

Patients and methods

•from January to October 2015
•6 months of follow-up, 30 consecutive patients who were performed MVD
•Total Liebowitz Social Anxiety Score > 60 : generalized social anxiety(HIgh LSAS group in this study)
* Methods
* Socio-demographic and clinical charateristics of subjects by LSAS score 
*Self-reported psychosocial assessments  comparing high LSAS group and low LSAS group during 6 months of follow-up
*HRQoL comparing high LSAS group and low LSAS group during 6 months of follow-up


 HFS patients with high LSAS, seems to gain more benefits from MVD not only for their facial disfigurement but also for social anxiety levels that may be associated with improvements in patient`s HRQoL than low LSAS group.
Further studies in many cases and long term follow-up are necessary to confirm the advantage of MVD on social anxiety symptom in HFS patients
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