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The process of developing a pressure ulcer prevention patient information dvd

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THE PROCESS OF DEVELOPING A PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION PATIENT INFORMATION DVD Heather Hodgson Lead Nurse Tissue Viability (Acute and Partnerships) NHS GGC, [email protected], Ruth Potter Tissue Viability Nurse NHS GGC, [email protected] Joanna Horner Tissue Viability PA NHS GGC, [email protected]


Patient information leaflets are a useful and efficient way of conveying information to patients, it improves their understanding and recall of the things they have been told. 
Good quality information for patients about health problems can help:
• To prevent disease
• To promote self-care
• To inform treatment decisions
• To improve the effectiveness of clinical care.
• Improve compliance with treatment
Patient information leaflets relating to pressure ulcer prevention had been supplied to patients and carers for several years.  At the latest review of the leaflet a multicultural patient and carer group were asked to provide feedback.  It became apparent from the feedback received that the patient information leaflet was not fully accessible and pressure ulcer prevention information was not being cascaded effectively and not meeting the target population.  It was decided that the production of a DVD may be more accessible for all.
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