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Sally sore on tour

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Finding new, exciting and innovative ways to teach pressure ulcer

prevention is a constant challenge to Tissue Viability Nurses.


Sally Sore is a teaching aid used at University Hospitals Coventry

and Warwickshire NHS Trust to provide education to staff in a ‘hands on’,

practical way and to raise awareness of pressure ulcer prevention.

Sally Sore is used to educate staff in all areas related to pressure ulcer

prevention. These include:

• 30 degree tilt

• Use of slide sheets

• Skin assessment

• Intentional rounding

The Tissue Viability team attend all clinical areas and provide short training sessions using Sally Sore to provide practical demonstrations

to as many staff as possible. Sally Sore promotes discussion of

pressure ulcer prevention and the visibility of the team within clinical

areas gives staff the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any

issues regarding pressure ulcer prevention.

Sally Sore has her own Twitter page @SallySore to promote her

activities and she was included in the Link Workers news letter.

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