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Tailor made wound management in a general practitioners lead wound expert centreᅠ

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Tailor Made Wound Management in a General Practitioners lead Wound Expert Center

A Andriessen1 &  A van den Wijngaard2

1. PhD, UMC St Radboud Nijmegen & Andriessen Consultants, Malden, The Netherlands.  2. RN, CNS, Wound Care and Compression Specialist, Lohmann & Rauscher, Almere, The Netherlands  


Due to an aging population the need for enabling care of frail elderly patients with complex wounds in the community has expanded rapidly.  

Well organised wound care at home is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from dementia.


This paper reports on complex wound treatment, including debridement and compression treatment of frail elderly patients in a general

practitioner’s setting.

Aim of the Project:

Enable effective leg ulcer management and care for other wound types in a specialised wound clinic as part of a general practitioners

community center. 

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