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An in vitro comparison of 6 foam dressings and their ability to sequester and retain mrsa

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An In Vitro Comparison of MRSA Sequestration in Seven Foam Wound Dressings

Thomas, H and Westgate S J. 

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) continues to pose a life threatening risk to immunosuppressed patients. A wound dressing that sequesters and retains MRSA may improve the infection status of the wound bed and remove contamination barriers to healing whilst decreasing the risk of MRSA transmission throughout the ward.


To investigate and compare the ability of 7 wound dressings to sequester and retain MRSA within the dressing core. 


The inner core mechanism of Dressing F resulted in sequestered microorganisms being less readily released from the dressing core. MRSA was assumed to be held within the foam technology and therefore to pose a reduced infection and transmission risk to the infected patient, adjacent patients and healthcare practitioners.  

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