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Service evaluation - conducting a point prevalence study in chronic oedema and wounds within Leicester city community nursing teams

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Conducting a Point Prevalence Study in Chronic Oedema and Wounds - A Knowledge Transfer Partnership

- Rebecca Gaskin, Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate, University of Nottingham

- Dr. Martin Arrowsmith, Clinical Evidence and Reimbursement Manager, 3M Health Care

- Victoria Peach, Lead Nurse Community Services, Leicestershire Partnership Trust

- Professor Christina Faull, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, LOROS Hospice Care for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

- Dr. Lorraine Pinnington, Director of Postgraduate Education, University of Nottingham

- Professor Christine Moffatt, CBE, Professor of Clinical Nursing Research/Nurse Consultant, University of Nottingham

Project Objectives:

- Work with the International Lymphoedema Framework and Leicestershire Partnership Trust to devise an appropriate data collection methodology
- Provide appropriate training in chronic oedema assessment, signs and symptoms plus the use of a data collection tool
- Conduct a point prevalence study in chronic oedema, including wounds, across the full community caseload
- Use collected data to pilot a chronic oedema community care pathway
- Collect further data to present to the Clinical Commissioning Groups

Chronic Oedema… An Underestimated Health Problem:

Chronic oedema… an umbrella term incorporating many conditions and symptoms including, Lymphoedema, ulceration, infection and Lymphorrhea


- Life long condition
- Linked to aging and obesity
- Increasing number of patients
- Has a significant impact on Quality of Life and productivity
- A major impact on health care resources
And yet…
- The true number of people with the condition is unknown
- Investigations within hospitals  can only illustrate  part of the problem
- We need a community perspective…
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