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Debridement using debrimitt significantly reduces bioburden in an in vivo wound model

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Debridement using DebriMittTM significantly reduces bioburden in an in vivo wound model 

H. A. Thomason1, H. Wilkinson1, C. Stephenson2, J. Lovett2, A. J. McBain1, M. J. Hardman1


Debridement remains the foundation to wound bed preparation, removing non-viable tissue and biofilm infections. Recently, monofilament debriding devices have emerged as an easy and convenient alternative to traditional surgical debridement. However, data on the efficacy of monofilament debridement  to remove wound biofilms is limited. Here we assess the effectiveness of DebriMittTM, a debriding device consisting of polyester fibres, to remove wound biofilms.

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