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A 10 patient evaluation of Activheal Aquafiber in a complex foot ulcer clinic in podiatry

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Evaluation Of ActivHeal Aquafiber ® In A Complex Foot Ulcer Clinic In Podiatry.

Mandy Yorke, Clinical Manager Solent East Podiatry – Solent NHS Trust


The successful management of a diabetic foot ulcer relies on the process of identification and treatment of underlying disease in particular, maintaining an adequate blood supply to the wound, preventing infection and providing good local wound care, and providing pressure relief by offloading the affected area of the foot1. While dressing products alone will not heal these wounds, they can contribute to an optimal environment to encourage healing and prevent complications, which can lead to deterioration2. There is no ‘ideal dressing for diabetic foot ulcers’ and effective treatment of a diabetic foot ulceration is complex, and effective management of the wound bed and peri wound skin is important. Alginates dressing have been in wound management for over 30 years3 and ActivHeal Aquafiber® is a conformable, non woven, gelling alginate fibre dressing with a reinforced layer hidden within the mannuronic fibres. 


ActivHeal Aquafiber® was evaluated on 10 patients by the Podiatry Service. All patients had chronic foot ulceration and were attending the Complex Wound Clinic. Prior to recruitment, they all received a full assessment of the vascular and neuropathic status and wounds were classified using both the TEXAS and SINBAD scales.
ActivHeal Aquafiber® was used as a primary dressing, on wounds assessed as suitable for a fibre product for a maximum of 4 weeks. All other care was delivered as planned. Wound debridement and off loading of the foot was undertaken where required.

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