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Reinforcement for Implementation of Hands- off Communication among Nursing Staff

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Reinforcement for Implementation of Hands-off Communication among Nursing Staff

Presenter: Hunaina Hadi

Student, Aga Khan University , School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan.


Hands-off communication is the process of transferring pertinent patient’s information from one caregiver to another.  It includes accurate information about patients’ care, treatment, services, current condition, and any recent or anticipated changes. The purpose is to ensure continuity and safety of patients’ care. (Joint Commission International Patient Safety Goal 2). Failure in proper communication of patients’ information results in diverse gaps in nursing care and treatment.


To reinforce implementation of Hands- off Communication among Nursing Staff.


Unstructured interviews were conducted from 30 staff working in morning, evening and night shifts in Coronary Care Unit, AKUH. The interviews were conducted in March and April 2015. 


Problem-Solving Process was used to identify recurring problems and performing immediate actions. It included educational sessions for reinforcement of the implementation of the hands-off communication, verbal and visual reminders by displaying flyers along with providing pocket-sized reminder cards to each staff to maintain sustainability. The focus was on the AKU hands-off communication policy. Moreover, the data gaps were identified in the sheet and were reported to the preceptor to be revised in the hands-off communication documentation sheet.


The project will be the contribution towards effective hands-off communication among staff.

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