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Student eLearning Imaging Module Initiative for Soft Tissue Sarcoma Radiotherapy Treatment

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Student eLearning imaging module initiative for soft tissue sarcoma radiotherapy treatment


•Soft tissue sarcoma (STS) is a rare disease with extensive variation in:
•Anatomic location
•Biologic behaviour
•Currently, Ontario has initiated a Sarcoma Services Oversight Program
•Centralized sarcoma care to 3 provincial centres
•With additional sites responsible for radiation therapy (RT) treatment
•Specialized STS centres have been designated ‘Sarcoma Programs’
•STS clinical knowledge is required for RT competency according to the professional standards for entry to practice, however, students at non-designated STS sites will not have equivalent learning opportunities /experience. 
•To measure STS knowledge acquisition following completion of an eLearning STS module which aims to establish and disseminate principles of safe, evidence-based practice for image-guided radiotherapy treatment.

 Resesarch Question

•How can we improve the knowledge, skills, confidence, and judgment in STS clinical decision making for  students in different clinical placement sites?


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