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“The Learner Knows Best”: a needs assessment to inform and validate a clinical training program

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The Learner knows best: A Needs Assessment to inform a and validate a clinical training program


To validate the curriculum design both in content and delivery via a needs assessment post-implementation


Radiotherapy professional practice is inherently dynamic. Anecdotal feedback and informal peer observations identified variances in practice. In response, the education team created a case-based curriculum to standardize training among clinicians. Topical content was driven informally by clinical educators and the administration.



N=120 of invited participants to the study


37%  (N=44) of accepted respondents, completed an online survey on: education needs, practice gaps, preferred method of delivery, impact of the training sessions on their clinical practice



•Needs assessment validated the curriculum design in content & delivery
•Clinical reasoning was highest need of importance
•Training sessions increased knowledge, skills & clinical judgement
•More interprofessional sessions would benefit to increase access
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