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Contributions of standardised care plan in management of fibroid embolisation

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Contributions of standardised care plan in management of fibroid embolisation 

Ajibade Femi, &  Arnolds Y

 Royal Berkshire Hospital Reading, Reading, United Kingdom

•Uterine fibroid embolization (UAE) has become an effective popular treatment of fibroid in premenopausal women since 1995.
•Increasing demands for embolisation surgery due to rising incidence with improve screening and detection, has not been supported with adequate nursing skills and knowledge on gynae wards (Multidisciplinary nature of management).
• Lord Darzi’s  review has led to the development of QIPP (quality, innovation, productivity, and prevention).
•Previous studies suggest care plans are poorly implemented and used in practice if there no effect on learning (Mason 1999, Lee & Chang 2004).
•The Royal Berkshire hospital has a high turnover of patients and there has been increasing pressure on hospital bed.
•The project focus on gynaecology ward at RBH , looking on how structure care plans can contribute to knowledge of nursing staff and motivate compliance to use of standardised structure care plan.
•To find out any significant improvements on recovery times and length of patient stay which can lead to a reduction in the financial cost to the trust as well.
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