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Caesarian section at request and the patient perspective: A Questionnaire Survey

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Caesarian Section at Demand- A Patient perspective
In farwaniya hospsital obstetric population
 Gupta M1, Al  Saffar N1, Vaidya A1,
(Farwaniya Hospital Kuwait-1)


Trends in child-birth have become more women centric1, with “informed choice” becoming the buzz-word for patient care.  One of the major choices which any women would like to make would be the choice of route of delivery. 2,3
There has been almost a threefold increase in caesarian section at demand. 4
 In Farwaniya hospital Kuwait, Caesarian sections on maternal demand accounted for nearly 20 % of the indications in 2010.
However, caregivers have to balance the risks of Caesarian sections 5,6 with the need for respecting patient choice.
The increasing trend of requests for CS is a phenomenon which needs to be researched in depth.
Recognising the motivation behind this request is one of the keys to understanding this.
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