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De-cluttering the Road to Oncology Nursing Competency

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De-cluttering the Road to Oncology Nurse Competency


Significance/Purpose: In today’s healthcare      environment, institutions are held accountable for staff competency. The Joint      Commission requires proof of competency through documentation. The      American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer Care Standard 2.2 requires      that “oncology knowledge and skills is completed and documented”. Evaluating      and documenting performance in the clinical setting in an efficient and      accessible fashion can be a challenge. Previously, this institution’s method      utilized multiple paper documents listing tasks to be validated by the end      of orientation. Employee document file management was a challenge for      staff and leadership. There was a need to identify oncology specific      competencies for oncology nurse from novice to advanced. The purpose of      this project was to provide a documentation tool in an easy to access,      concise, manageable format that demonstrates oncology specific competency      for newly graduated nurses, experienced nurses new to oncology, and      oncology nurses as they develop professionally.

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