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Implementing Neulasta On-body Injector

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Many chemotherapy regimens in use today require the support of granulocyte
stimulating factor (GSF) for the prevention of potentially life-threatening febrile
neutropenia. In March, 2015 Amgen announced the introduction of a Neulasta
delivery kit. The new delivery kit features an On-body injector (OBI), now called
ONPRO. This new delivery method eliminates the need for the patient to return
for injection after chemotherapy. As Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) and the On-body
injector are only used in oncology practice, this is a topic of significant
importance to oncology nursing.
The purpose of this study was to monitor the implementation of the Neulasta
delivery system in our outpatient facility. Our goal was to implement the use of
Neulasta OBI safely and effectively. We also wanted to ensure that our patients
were satisfied with the new delivery system. Additionally, we wanted to evaluate
the effects of this new device on our outpatient clinic workflow. Reimbursement
was also monitored.

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