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Evaluation of the usefulness of the OAA pain relief in labour leaflet

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Evaluation of the Usefulness of the OAA 'Pain Relief in Labour' Leaflet

Sarah Griffiths, Kelly McDonnell, Alexander Philip, David Marriott, Mary Mushambi & Ian Wrench


National guidance has highlighted the importance of women having antenatal access to balanced information about the pain relief options available in labour.1 The OAA ‘Information for Mothers’ subcommittee is a multidisciplinary group made up of anaesthetists, obstetricians, midwives and lay members. It aims to produce a range of high quality written and audio-visual information for expectant mothers. One of the key leaflets produced by this subcommittee is the OAA ‘Pain Relief in Labour’ leaflet.2 To date, this leaflet has been translated into 38 different languages and can be printed and distributed by doctors, midwives and other healthcare professionals. It is also free to access and download from the new OAA subsidiary website at www.labourpains.com We carried out a multi-centre survey to ascertain the usefulness of this leaflet for pregnant women, and to assess their views on accessing the leaflet in a digital format.

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