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Wear out indicator for removable or fixed implant-supported prostheses

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 Purpose: The wear resistance of artificial teeth with organic and inorganic fillers to maintain a stable occlusal relationship over time is important to the life of prosthesis supported by implants for the edentulous patient.

Materials and Methods: A 4mm length and 1mm circumference acrylic indicator was created to control and measure the wearing-out of the artificial teeth. The length of the indicator was subdivided in three different colors: 1.3mm on white, 1.3mm on yellow and 1.4mm on red. This indicator was placed within the occlusal contact in centric relation of the first molar but in our experience it is always better to customized placement accordingly to the patient conditions. When the red portion of the wear out indicator is visible, 2.6mm are already lost in the artificial tooth, transferring forces to the anterior zone creating higher risk of fracture, which is determinant in the maintenance of the rehabilitation’s occlusal pattern.

Results: The wear out indicator forewarn us of early alert of vertical dimension reduction and indicate us the exact time for a new prosthesis.

Conclusions: Within the limitations of this new device, the wear out resistance of artificial teeth it may be measurable and it can be observed clinically. 

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