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Tissue management for an aesthetic single implant restoration: Case Report

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Tissue management for an aesthetic single implant restoration: Case Report

Objective: Bone resorption following maxillary anterior tooth extraction often compromises gingival tissue levels for the implant restoration. The creation of predictable peri-implant aesthetics requires proper understanding and preservation of the osseous and gingival tissue surrounding the missing tooth.

Introduction: Esthetic implant placement is based on a restorative-driven philosophy. Meticulous care and attention to the delicate soft tissues should be given throughout all phases of the treatment.

Clinical case Report: At UNAM, 1 Straumann SLActive implant was placed to restore tooth #8, with reference to an ideal 3-dimensional positioning, with hard and soft tissue grafts. The soft tissue contours was performed with a fixed provisional restoration. The customized final prosthesis was delivered after 6 months of function in order to maintain the gingival emergences and soft tissue architecture.

Results: We achieved the formation and stability of the papilla and the peri-implant tissue to provide a natural-looking emergence profile.

Conclusions: Proper diagnosis and understanding of the biological and periodontal variables of failing dentition and their response to surgical and prosthodontic procedures are the essence of predictability. When treating failing adjacent teeth in the aesthetic zone, the development of optimal gingival aesthetics is paramount.

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