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Feasibility of 3D TRUS reconstruction by two perpendicular 2D sweep videos

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Feasibility of 3D TRUS Reconstruction by Two Perpendicular 2D Sweep Videos

For validation of ultrasound-based prostate cancer imaging techniques, histopathology after radical prostatectomy is often used as ground truth. However, accurate registration between transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) images and histology slices is complicated by the 2D nature of TRUS imaging typically used during prostate examinations, and by the misalignment between TRUS planes and histology slices. A method able to accurately reconstruct 3D images from 2D TRUS imaging data could largely improve registration. Existing methods for 3D reconstruction require the use of additional sensors or the insertion of markers in the prostate, therefore complicating the clinical workflow. In this work, a novel method is presented requiring recordings by free-hand 2D TRUS only.

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