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Understanding Cultural Diversity

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Title:  Introducing the Next Level in Ethics: Understanding Cultural Diversity

Primary author, Dr. Jasmine Khedkar, BDS, MPH.  Mentor/Co-author, Dr. Larry Dunham DMD

Advanced Standing Student, Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA 


United States is a nation of immigrants. Most Americans can trace their ancestry to some part of the world. With the growing number of first generation immigrants, addressing the issue of access to oral health is a moral obligation for healthcare professionals. In addition, understanding cultural diversity and catering to the needs of the underserved decreases healthcare disparities. 

         Understanding cultural diversity will not only help in increasing the access to care for patients, but will in turn help the dentists to follow the four principles of ethics and increase patient satisfaction thereby getting more referrals and build a profitable practice. 

       Most immigrants prefer to go to healthcare professionals who have a similar background as they feel that they will get better care as the provider will be more sensitive and caring. With 200 countries migrating to USA, it’s not possible to know every culture, but the essence or bottom line is to generate a higher level of care, sensitivity and awareness among healthcare professionals.


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