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Effect of Antiseptic Solutions on Soft Denture Relining Materials
Board / Fri 9:30, 26 Jun 2015

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Effect of Antiseptic Solutions on Soft Denture Relining Materials


Objective: To measure the changes in color, indentation hardness, and strain in compression of three denture soft relining materials, due to exposure of the materials to four antiseptic solutions.


Methods: Reline materials were mixed per manufacturers direction and allowed to cure for a specified time. Segments of the material were immersed in four selected solutions for various times from 10 minutes to several hours.  Periodic assessments of color and dimensional stability were performed on each material.


Results: No statistical changes in physical properties occurred for any soft reline material in any solution for either time duration (1 or 6 simulated months). The only changes that were observed were in Shore hardness and Color properties of the soft reline materials.


Conclusion: Essentially no statistically significant material degradation occurred between reline materials in various antiseptic solutions, including sodium hypochlorite, for 1 hour and 4 hours simulating 1 month and 6 month intervals, respectively.


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