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Modified De Vega Tricuspid Reconstruction Compared With Ring-Implantation: Long-Term Results Of Single Center, Single Surgeon Prospective Study.

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Modified De Vega tricuspid reconstruction compared with ring-implantation: long-term results of single center, single surgeon prospective study.


There are two most commonly used methods of tricuspid valve reconstruction in case of functional tricuspid insufficiency: De Vega suture-based  plasty and  ring implantation. The latter seems to provide better long term results. The majority of studies suggesting abandonment of traditional De Vega reconstruction are observational.

Number of publications comparing modifications of De Vega technique with ring implantation is limited. Presented study shows results of De Vega reconstruction in own modification. ‘Single-surgeon study’ design enables evaluation of the method’s reproducibility. Uniqueness of the presented De Vega modification lies in reinforcement of original De Vega suture with two rows of teflon pledgets, which stabilize native  tricuspid annulus and protect native tissue against so called ‘guitar-string effect’- a tear of De Vega suture.







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