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Patient Reported Outcomes Among Children With Cleft Lip And/or Palate Who Desire Revision Surgery
Board Board 1 / Mon 15:35, 13 Apr 2015

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Reported Outcomes Among Children With Cleft Lip and Palate who Desire Revision Surgery

Kavitha Ranganathan M.D.1; Oluseyi Aliu, M.D.1; Danielle Shapiro, Ph.D.1; Christian J. Vercler M.D.1; Michaella Baker1; Steven J. Kasten, M.D.1; Seth A. Warschausky Ph.D.2; Steven R. Buchman M.D.1; Jennifer F. Waljee M.D., M.S.1

1Department of Surgery, Section of Plastic Surgery, University of Michigan Health Systems

2 Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Michigan Health Systems


•Little is known about the indications for and outcomes of cleft revision procedures.
•Outcomes after primary repair are variable; up to 10-40% of patients undergo revision.
•The ultimate goal of secondary revision is to improve health-related quality of life (HRQOL) among children with clefts.
•HRQOL is evaluated regularly among children with cleft lip given higher levels of peer harassment and dissatisfaction with appearance.
•Evaluation of HRQOL using patient-reported outcomes can substantially improve communication, patient satisfaction, and patient-provider relationships.
•Unfortunately, children do not consistently participate in the decision-making process for surgical treatment; the degree of correlation between patients and parents is unclear.
•Determining the impact of desire for revision on HRQOL can facilitate early intervention and improve outcomes.
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