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Educational enhancement exercise in obstetric anaesthesia

Thursday, 22 May, 2014 - 11:20
Board 3

Poster Presenter: Suni Haldersunihalder@icloud.com
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Educational enhancement exercise in obstetric anaesthesia
S Halder, R Patel, AW Rivers, M Cox, J Durbridge, SM Yentis
Magill Department of Anaesthesia, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London. UK.

  • PMETB surveys have highlighted that there are many ways in which the educational environment for anaesthetic trainees might be enhanced.
  • We contacted educators from the London Deanery and invited them to undertake an assessment of our department.2
  • The visitors met with trainees and consultants to assess current standards. They then observed clinical teaching on two separate days, in a “fly on the wall” manner. Subsequent de-briefing meetings were arranged to give feedback to the department.
  • Following this they made recommendations for teaching enhancement.


  • Following the Deanery visit we conducted a survey of obstetric anaesthetic consultants in our department to see if their teaching styles had changed
  • We assessed teaching methods using the scale (0 = not useful to 10 = extremely useful).
  • Data were analysed using Mann Whitney-U tests, with P < 0.05 indicating statistical significance.


  • A response rate of 7/8 (87.5%) was obtained.
  • All the consultants thought the exercise was useful. After the Deanery visit, consultants are using a wider parameter of educational tools to convey teaching to trainees (Table 1).
  • There has been an increased use in assessing trainees' learning needs, encouragement of self-reflection and self-assessment, receiving assessor feedback and of mentoring trainees.


  • We believe the educational assessment of our department was an extremely useful exercise that enhanced our teaching environment.
  • We would thoroughly recommend other departments to take up this opportunity where it is available.


  • We would like to thank John Launer & Lisa Miller from the London Deanery for their educational assessment and feedback to our department.


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  2. Cantillon P, Sargeant J. Giving feedback in clinical settings. British Medical Journal 2008; 337: 1292-129