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Temp-Perm vs Perm-only Gastric Electrical Stimulation for Gastroparesis

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Temp-Perm vs Perm-Only Gastric Electrical S9mula9on for Gastroparesis 

This study examined the placement of Gastric Electrical SCmulaCon (GES) in a total of 183 paCents to determine whether receiving temporary sCmulaCon prior to permanent sCmulaCon (TEMPPERM) was more effecCve than treaCng paCents with permanent sCmulaCon (PERM) only. The goal of temporary sCmulaCon was to exclude paCents who do not respond symptomaCcally to GES. We hypothesized that by excluding non-responders TEMPPERM was more effecCve at providing overall symptom relief than PERM only.