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IntroductionFaradarmani, an Iranian complementary and alternative medicine, is based on “the consciousness bond of the parts” or “parts having consciousness in common” (Figure 1). According to this theory, every time a link is established between the whole consciousness and the consciousness of the [body] parts, the consciousness of the mind will be able to correct and self-repair the psyche and the body, thus healing and recovery will take place.

In Faradarmani the meaning of Ettesal is establishing a form of communication, connection or a link for which there is no accurate definition, because it is taking place in a world that is ‘free of device’ and we can only study the effects and influences of Ettesal, but not the nature of Ettesal itself.

In this type of therapy, the patient becomes connected (Ettesal) to the Interuniversal Consciousness (the network of awareness and consciousness governing the universe - Divine Intelligence) via Fara-therapist (Figure 2). Following this procedure the patient undergoes the Scanning process; in other words the Interuniversal Intelligence begins to assess and scan the individual.

Based on the nature of this Ettesal, some information is conveyed and the defective and distressed parts of the body are revealed in the form of: seeing colors, lights, the feeling of movement and activity of some kind of energy throughout the body, also by feeling heat, pain, sharp aches, pulsation, twitching or convulsions and so on. In this way the patient goes through the so-called Scanning process and by eliminating the symptoms, the healing process will be initiated.

“Scanning” means the patient’s entire existence is examined by the Interuniversal Consciousness, which categorically reveals the patient’s health record and systematically removes the problem through various manifestations mentioned above.

In general, the Interuniversal Consciousness is the collection of Consciousness, Wisdom or Intelligence governing the world of existence, which is also called “Awareness” and is one of the three existing elements of the Universe. These elements are: Matter, Energy, and Awareness (Figure 3).Considering that awareness is neither Matter nor Energy, the dimensions of time and space do not apply to it;therefore healing via this network is possible from close and far distances.ObjectivesFaradarmani can be effective for treating all kinds of illnesses.This report intends to study the treatment of conversion disorder symptoms in patients under the age of 18 via Faradarmani.Materials & MethodsThe 3 patients, who were suffering from conversion disorders, include two 6 year old girls with convulsion and an 8 year old boy with muteness. The children, who came from different cities of Iran, started to use Faradarmani.

Faradarmani was administered by a trained practitioner (Fara-therapist). During a Faradarmani session the patient is asked to close their eyes for at least five minutes and manage to dispel the distracting thoughts, and merely observe, impartially, the feelings and experience encountered during the therapy (Figure 2). The children were required to do this procedure at least once a day and afterwards the details of their treatment and the subsequent outcome and feelings were discussed once a week with the Fara-therapist.

The survey is based on self-report or parents reports of these 3 children with conversion disorders. In this study, self-report are considered as criteria of recovery to show removal or relative reduction of symptoms.

It should be noted that before starting Faradarmani, medical experiments were carried out by the treating psychiatrists. According to these tests no physical cause was found for disorder symptomsResultsAccording to the study, in the 3 children with conversion disorder (2 female and 1 male), symptoms such as convulsion, hemiplegics and muteness were treated with Faradarmani.ConclusionsThe study shows the effectiveness of Faradarmani on treating symptoms of conversion disorders. This is done by healing the mental and emotional body of a patient. Additionally, due to the diversity of conversion disorder symptoms that were improved with Faradarmani, Faradarmani can be considered as a treatment that operates at higher levels than other treatments.

The additional positive outcomes of Faradarmani indicate that Faradarmani can be considered as a multifaceted treatment that influences different levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of a person.

Furthermore, different age and levels of expertise in medicine, psychiatry and psychology of the Fara-therapists implies "irrelevance of Faradarmani’s effectiveness to the Fara-therapist”.

Limitations :

In the study, due to the lack of a control group, quasi-experimental and control tests could not be carried out, especially because the study was retrospective.


Due to Faradarmani’s high potentials as a complementary and alternative medicine that comes with no side effects, and improves the quality of life and well being, we suggest quasi-experimental and controlled research to be carried out on the effectiveness of Faradarmani. In this way more precise statistics can be gained on the effectiveness and degree of permanence of Faradarmani in comparison with other treating methods.


We would like to thank Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri and Faradarmani & Psymentology medical team for their contributions to this article.References(1) Taheri, M.A., Human From Another Outlook, Bijan publication, 2009

(2) Taheri, M.A. (2010), The Journal of Medical Sciences (Danesh-e-Pezeshki), Specialized Faradarmani Edition, 4th year, Vol.4-No.1-Dec.2010 supplement

An Introduction to Faradarmani & Psymentology:

"Faradarmani" and "Psymentology" are considered as subdivisions of “Erfan-e Halgheh (Interuniversal Mysticism)”. This doctrine is based on pure intuitive witness-like perceptions, stemming from direct insights. It is necessary to note that activities of Interuniversal Mysticism are not limited to Complementary and Alternative Medicine; and also include other fields such as Physics and Astronomy, Philosophy, Social Sciences and self-exploration.

It is more than three decades that Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri has founded the two Iranian complementary medicines of "Faradarmani" and "Psymentology". In Faradarmani; treatment of physical and psychosomatic diseases are considered, whilst Psymentology considers the treatment of mental and mentosomatic [involves mind (mental) and body (soma)] illnesses in an exceptional way. These methods are described based on the theory of "The Consciousness Bond" or "Parts Having Consciousness in Common".

The advantage of Faradarmani, in comparison with other C.A.M (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) methods, lies in the fact that it is a simple treatment requiring no special place or time. Furthermore, it does not interfere with conventional medical treatments and can in fact proceed concomitantly with conventional medication and treatments. However, the most prominent advantage Faradarmani offers is that the diagnosis and treatment processes are error free; hence there will be no side effects. Other advantages include patient satisfaction and comfort.

Publications of Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri :

Six books and numerous articles have been published by Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri and more than 130 books are ready for publishing. The published books are: - Erfan-e-Keyhani [Halqeh] (Interuniversal Mysticism) - Human From Another Outlook. This book focuses on presenting the basis of the complementary medicine of "Faradarmani" and has been translated and published in English [In two different versions], also an Arabic copy is available. Russian, French and German translations are in progress. - The Human Comprehensive View on the World - Non-organic Viruses - Human and Insight - A Collection of Articles

Faradarmani Journals:
Some of the reports and research results of the two complementary medicines of "Faradarmani" and "Psymentology" have been published in Farsi and English via seven supplements of "Holistic Medicine" and "The Science of Medicine" Journals. The first three volumes of these supplements are allocated to the Case Reports. Such presented reports are only selected samples from the vast reported results. The forth supplement is a Proposal Report about Faradarmani effect on "Bronchiectasic Patients Who are Candidates for Lung Transplant" which was performed in Masih Daneshvari Hospital, Tehran in 2009-2010. The fifth supplement is allocated to the Faradarmani effect on "Infertility" which is again presented as a selected sample of the cured patients from numerous cases. The sixth supplement studies the Faradarmani effect on cell proliferation in laboratory conditions [in vitro] and also Faradarmani effect on plants. The seventh supplement is considered as the first specialized Psymentology ['Psyche' + 'Mental' +Logy] supplement and studies the effect of Psymentology on behavioral disorders.

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