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Paravertebral Block for Mastectomy: Retrospective Data from a Tiertiery Hospital

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Paravertebral Block for Mastectomy: Prospective Observational Data from a Tiertiery Hospital

S.C. Ng, N.Murphy,  S. Patel

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the female population with surgery still being the mainstay treatment for it. Paravertebral blocks (PVB) were commonly used in the early 20th century but lost popularity through the years. However in recent times, PVB technique has seen resurgence for post operative patients.

 In our institution, we have carried out PVB for a number of years. However no formal review of perioperative outcome benefits in our population of patients has been carried out to date. Various studies have proven superior analgesia of PVB for breast surgery patients1 and more recently PVB has shown promise on breast cancer recurrence survival 2.

The question raised in our institution is “Does any published benefit of PVB translate to our patients with current regional anesthesia practise in our institution?”


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