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Big questions for Little People: Use of Peripheral Nerve blocks in Patients with Skeletal Dysplasia

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Big Questions for Little People: Eiszner JR, Atanda A, Rangavajjula A, Theroux M Department of Anesthesiology RESULTS •12 Cases in 10 Patients with SD and Nerve Blockade •11 discharged from PACU on POD 0 •1 Patient received supplemental opioid (1 of 2 cases) •No PONV and No sensory/neural complaints at follow up •Anatomical Contrast: Limb Shape/Excess tissue •Block Safety: Likely as Safe as in Children •The pediatric SD population <14,000 in US . •RAPM study by PRAN 1 in 50,000 had nerve injury. Difficult to detect a 100% increase. Would require decades of metadata.

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