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Modelling the Neuropathological Consequences of HIV Vaccines That Confer Partial Protection

Modelling the Neuropathological Consequences of HIVVaccines that Confer Partial Protection

Debbie Ferguson1, Sean Clarke1, Claire Ham1, Atze Das2, Ben Berkhout2, Andrea Meiser3, Steve Patterson3, Neil Berry1 and Neil Almond1

1NIBSC Potters Bar, EN6 3QG, UK, 2Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, 3Imperial College, London, UK


It is now possible to effectively manage HIV peripheral viral loads with anti-retroviral drugs for decades.

However, patients still face the potential of developing significant HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) despite successful viral drug suppression.

Challenges obtaining relevant clinical samples limit our understanding of the aetiology and neuropathology of HAND including the impact on long term neuropathology of vaccines that only confer partial protection.

We have used the SIV/macaque animal model to examine the development of HIV associated disease pathology and the effects of restricting viral load either during chronic or acute stages of disease.


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